Tips For Yoga Beginners

Being healthy today not only means being physically fit but also being mentally healthy. That said, many forms of exercise have since gained popularity including yoga. Yoga has been practiced since almost 2000 years ago; however it was only recently pushed into the limelight thanks to celebrities and other advocates who go for healthy living through body, mind and spirit. For many beginners, yoga seems to be a daunting form of exercise as it involves complex postures. That said, understanding the concept of yoga will help beginners to discover its benefits.


Yoga for Beginners

Starting out a class can be uncomfortable especially if you find yogis twisting their limbs into unimaginable positions. Yoga classes are divided into several classes and instructors would usually determine which class one should belong to. Yoga beginners can also introduce themselves so that the instructor would pay attention to you and correct your form and alignment.

Choosing the clothes that you wear to sessions is important; however, it need not be an expensive outfit. Opt for an outfit that is comfortable, allowing you to move freely around but without it being baggy or too loose-fitting that reveal more than you want to be revealed. Form fitting outfits are great as the instructor can readily correct your form and body alignment but if you are not comfortable with it, you can put a loose top over your form-fitting clothes.


Purchasing your own mat is ideal. Although some yoga studios have them for students to use, it is still ideal to buy your own mat as you can practice at home. Purchasing a yoga block to help you steady yourself is not a requirement although some might find it useful especially if they are doing complex postures that require holding to the block to balance them. Remember to bring along a towel and water bottle especially if you are doing a hot yoga class as although yoga might look like you’re just holding a position for several minutes, it actually burns a lot of calories and tires your muscles out.

Other Tips to Remember

It is important that you remember the names and description of every pose that you perform. This will make it easier for you to do the classes and incorporate the basic principles of yoga even at home. As you go further on, you will note that some complex postures are actually a combination of several basic moves done together.

By Pat Laurence
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